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We Are creating an environment where due to COVID and convenience you will not need to go to your doctor and can instead utilize telemedicine services for many of your needs.
Services include Video, Telephone and review of intake forms and test.

Unlike most online doctor services we do not believe in selling the prescription but rather selling the service of making you better, this means there are no drugs listed within the catagories because unlike others our doctos have the ability to write what ever prescription they feel is neccessary for the course of treatment and not select from a list of drugs that have an agreement between the platfrom and the pharmacy.

We offer treatment to those that may have been exposed to covid or those that have mild symptoms. With clinicians on all 50 states waiting to assist. Just click on Categories in the menu above or one of the “Let Start Now” links below, select Covid-19 as the treatment and fill out a short intake form and make payment.

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Getting started

Getting started is easy, simply select the category and service you are looking for, create a request via an intake form that is tailored to your service you are requesting.
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While this telemedicine service doesn’t take insurance, in many cases your insurance will reimburse you for the cost. We recommend you discuss this with your insurance provider.
Depending on your insurance will depend on if the medications are covered, the scenario in most cases are the same as if you have your regular doctor prescribe medications.

Fast Services

Unlike traditional doctor offices, Our network doesn’t take weeks to get an appointment. We usually have the consult finished within 24-48 hours of submission.
If the doctor determines a necessity there will be a prescription written and delivered to your pharmacy directly.
You will be notified via email or TXT when completed.

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